Welcome to the #1 site, led by the top players

to bring you the most up to date PvP and PvE builds in New World.

Welcome to the #1 site, led by the best PvP players

to bring you the most up to date PvP builds

in New World.

FS Isabella

I was always fighting literally 1v5. I’m so pissed! They keep sending whole group of players just to fight me alone, and I have no Idea where my team is. With this website I learned a lot and I can easily fight whole group of players now, I even found it about a Heartrune that gives me wings can you believe that!

Main Hand Weapon



Spin to win! Best Great Axe build ever! Execute one shot combos are really fun to play! Still haven't found a good secondary weapon but even just with GA I do a lot of damage! GA for the W! Gonna master Hatchet next!

Main Hand Weapon

Great Axe


I hate shields but really love playing with sword. On this website I found a powerful build that fits my playstyle! It’s quite enjoyable how i can one shot 3-4 players with my slash attack even if they stay behind me :D. Can't wait to find the guy that stole my box now!

Main Hand Weapon


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