Season 3 PTR



  • Weaken status effects can now reduce the effects of acid damage.

  • Fixed an issue where the Runeglass of Sighted Carnelian Gems caused taunts to not trigger when slotted into Weapons.

  • Fixed an issue that made some attack chains cause client/server desyncs.

  • Reduced self healing by 10% and consumable healing by 20% while in PvP game modes.

  • Increased dodge distance for Medium and Heavy equip loads.

  • Updated Medium dodge animations to better maintain speed throughout the animation and improved transition to sprint out of dodge for all equip loads.

  • Reduced Medium hit sprint delay to 0.75s from 1s and Light hit sprint delay to 1s from 1.5s.

  • Set limiters for a variety of lifesteals across various weapons and perks to either have a 0.1s cooldown if lifesteal is associated with all attacks or the attack is more of a single target focused attack, or a 3 target limit if the attack is more of an AOE or designed to be a cleaving style ability.


  • Updated the 250 STR attribute bonus to apply to the entire basic melee attack and not just on start up.

  • Added 2 new Attribute Bonus nodes at 25 and 350.

    • Also updated the functionality of and moved around several existing nodes

  • Updated the DEX 300 attribute bonus to no longer be dodge stamina reduction. It will now cleanse CC status effects on weapon swap with a 15s cooldown.

  • Increased HP gain from levelling slightly, and increased the amount of HP gained from CON slightly. Done to account for the gear score and level increase


  • Increased ranged and magic weapons base damage globally, but reduced their base damage back down again in PvP fights. This change was made to increase the effectiveness of these weapons in PvE without disrupting PvP balance.

    • Flyout present in game modes menu and the bottom of weapon mastery tooltips shows balance changes tuned separately for PvP and PvE.

      • Musket - Increased base damage from 78 to 83 in PvE, then reduced it by 12% in PvP (Down to 73)

      • Bow - Increased base damage from 67 to 72 in PvE, then reduced it by 14% in PvP (Down to 62)

      • Blunderbuss - Increased base damage from 78 to 80 in PvE, then reduced it by 9% in PvP (Down to 73)

      • Reduced self healing power in PvP game modes by 10%

      • Reduced consumable healing power in PvP game modes by 20%

  • Added inherent crit damage reduction to players based on equip load (Light -15%, Medium -20%, Heavy -25%). This change was made to account for the removal of the Resilient perk.

  • Slightly increased the diminishing returns on the damage bonus modifiers from attributes from 351 to 500.

  • When doing damage to a target, the abilities equipped by that specific weapon will now be used to apply additional on hit status effects instead of the abilities equipped by the currently active weapon, which can differ.

  • Added Acid damage/resistance to various existing status effects, gems, and other effects to allow it to function similarly to any other damage type.


  • Fixed an issue where the Slow from Leaping Strike could be refreshed by some damage over time ticks.

  • Fixed an issue that caused some lower Tier Shields to have better block stamina damage than higher Tier Shields.


  • Adjusted Wind Chill and Ice Spikes abilities to be treated as ranged instead of melee attacks.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Catch Me if You Can buff to get stuck on players until they logged out.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Splitting Grenade to cancel Mortar Charge and fire without cooldown.

  • Removed the damage fall off of basic shots fired from 10m to 14m away.

  • Updated the Blunderbuss to be fully loaded when initially equipped. This fixes issues where the Blunderbuss would have awkward animations when initially equipping and unsheathing it.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Splitting Grenade's child grenade explosions to not deal damage.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the controlled breathing passive for the Rapier to trigger off of some damage over time ticks.

  • Fixed an issue where the Rapier's Flurry animation could be canceled to cast Tondo twice.


  • Updated Musket to use projectiles instead of hitscan.

  • Added functionality to allow the Musket projectiles to have bullet penetration through targets natively.

  • Significantly increased the musket accuracy. Will still have some slight variance, but much less than it previously had.

  • Updated several passives and upgrades to account for the functional changes to the Musket

    • Heightened Precision - Removed aiming requirements

    • Hit Your Mark - Renamed to “Optimal Range“ that gives damage bonuses based on distance to the target, granting optimal damage while between 20m and 50m

    • Called Shot - Increased damage and reduces time from 3s to 2s

    • Greater Accuracy - Renamed to “Quick Load” and updated functionality to shorten the duration of the reload if 2 targets are hit with a single shot.

    • Steady Hands - Renamed to “Shell Shock” and updated functionality to weaken targets on headshot.

    • Updated the critical reload functionality. It will now trigger off of 2 headshots and reduce the duration of the next reload instead of completely skipping it.

  • Updated the Sniper Ultimate to now be “Deadeye“ and removed the zoom functionality. The next shot will now inflict Bleed as an added benefit for hitting multiple targets with a single shot.

  • Traps

    • Traps will now deal damage when it triggers

    • Will now remain in the world for 30s instead of 20s

  • Sticky Bomb

    • Removed the aim state for sticky bomb, and will not be thrown immediately on button press

    • Adjusted projectile spawn location, angle, trajectory, and gravity of the sticky bomb to account for the instant throw

  • Power Shot

    • Increased the damage from 150% to 170%

    • Gave Power shot additional functionality that causes it to deal additional damage against hostile AI targets.

  • Added a 1s cooldown when switching between Power Shot and Powder Burn without firing.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the effect from the Musket Back It Up passive to not always be removed on weapon swap.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some INT attribute bonuses to not apply to the Void Gauntlet.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to not return to Void Blade basic attacks after casting Essence Rupture when Void Blade was active.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Hatchet Final Blow upgrade to not deal damage.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Berserk ability to be cancelled and activated without playing the animation.


  • Updated the Pyro Dancer upgrade to add a 2.5s cooldown if the player is staggered while using Flamethrower.

  • Flamethrower

    • Doubled the hit rate of the ability damage and DoT damage, and halved the damage of both. This was done to make the hits trigger faster, but deal less damage.

    • Also Increased the number of stacks on a target to trigger the accelerating flamethrower from 2 stacks to 4 stacks to compensate.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Great Axe's Greed and Sword's Empowering Stab passive's empower effects to not refresh properly on reapplication.


  • Fixed an issue where The Outnumbered passive would still be active after killing enemies or exiting combat.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the Devourer Heartrune to fail to cast when your camera was angled upwards on hills.

  • Detonate Heartrune

    • Due to Detonate being able to inherit damage from players, and its power being well beyond what was intended, we reduced its power:

      • Reduce base damage by 20%

      • Increased the Rend on the brutal variant from 30% to 50%

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