NWChamp does not directly collect or store any personal information or track you. We use Google Analytics to track our traffic.

We don't care about tracking you as an individual, but rather the general traffic data, such as how many people visit our site. You can learn more about how Google Analytics handles your data, and more specific information on what kind of data we, as publishers, have access to https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245

Common ID Cookie - This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the Common ID cookie to provide its services. Cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. This simple ID that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to iOS and MacOS browsers.

Advertising Privacy Settings - FOR EU USERS ONLY: When you use our site, pre-selected companies may access and use certain information on your device and about your interests to serve ads or personalized content. Policy updated on March 11, 2023

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